Spooky wooky

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Spooky Wooky is a set of sixty-three tiles: seven shapes, three colours (green, yellow and pink), three values (1, 2 and 3).

All the cards are turned face down. Agree on the chosen rule and then start turning over the cards one by one. As soon as a new card shows the same condition as a card that has already been turned over, you have to be the fastest to catch this card.

For example, if the chosen rule is "identical shape", as soon as a card appears showing the same shape as another card already turned over, you have to catch this card already turned over.

You can complicate the game a little by giving two conditions, for example shape and colour. But it is far from the complexity of a game like Set, which is aimed at more experienced players.

Product information

Technical specification

Publishers: Piatnik
Wilson Games
Players: 2 to 6
Playing time: 15 min
Year : 2016