Oiseaux Sentinelles De La Nature

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Is there a more beautiful emblem of nature than birds? Not only do they populate our imagination but they are absolutely everywhere on the surface of the globe. Everywhere, birds have been able to cope with the constraints of the environment. The woodpecker has taken to the trees, the cormorant to the water, the ptarmigan to the high mountains, the albatross to the open sea. But how to dig the wood? How to swim under water? How to resist the cold? How not to die of thirst at sea? The winged gentry is also a fragile people, disturbed by human activities.
While wood pigeons and jays are invading our cities, whole sections of our avifauna are disappearing along with their habitats, including our very own sparrow. This book is intended for ornithologists and all bird lovers, sensitive to the formidable capacities of adaptation and to the beauties and secrets of these irreplaceable sentinels of nature.

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