Little Big Horn

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On the trail of the Sioux


"I will never forget this battle". Cheyenne war chief Two Moon On a burning Sunday in June 1876, in the Little Big Horn Valley, in the heart of the American West: a coalition of Sioux and Cheyenne, united by the chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, annihilated the 7th Cavalry of General Custer. Immediately, the battle is propelled to the rank of identity myth of the United States. A myth that lasts: to this day, no national battle triggers such a fascination across the Atlantic.
The historian, for his part, is faced with many mysteries: was the defeat due to the errors and ambitions of George Armstrong Custer? How did the Indians live their emblematic victory? How can we explain these witnesses that we wanted to silence or these rigged maps? From the clamor of the Civil War to the clamor of the Great Plains, the author plunges us into a brutal America, painting an unvarnished portrait of the icons Custer, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, but also of lesser known actors of the period.
The immersion continues with the battle itself, which is brought to life at human level, through the voices of dozens of eyewitnesses and experts. The result of seven years of research and field trips, this "autopsy" of a legend has been considered from its first edition as the reference on the subject. A member of the Little Big Horn Associates and holder of a master's degree in history, David Cornut opens up one of the most controversial files in American history.

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