Etunwann Celui Qui Regarde

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On the trail of the Sioux


June 13, 1867. Joseph Wallace is a photographer in Pittsburgh. Married to Marjorie, he has two beautiful children and his daily life as a portraitist of notables and their families assures him a comfortable income. Yet, here he is, on a train to St. Louis to join a scientific exploration mission that will travel to the vast territories west of the Mississippi, in order to reach the Rocky Mountains.
The expedition, led by Dr. Walter, was funded by the government to explore new areas to map and discover if there were new gold or coal deposits, or new lands to settle. Composed of the most eminent scientists of the East Coast, Joseph Wallace is there to photograph the regions crossed. The trip should last several months. This trip, which will not be the last one for Joseph Wallace, and particularly his meeting with the Oglala Sioux Indians, will change his life and the practice of his art... He will become Etunwan, He-who-looks.

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