George Catlin Edl

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On the trail of the Sioux


George Catlin, American citizen and self-taught painter, decided one day, in 1832, to go to the Indian territories. To leave to the meeting of the tribes threatened by the advance of the white man, and to testify of their way of life near his own by multiplying paintings and sketches, here is the great adventure of his life! Catlin made a stop among the Sioux, the "Lords of the Plains". Among them, he painted their great chiefs, their proud warriors, their customs and their great buffalo hunts. All this, under the benevolent and interested glance of Takoda. This courageous and obstinate young Sioux is ready to do anything to obtain the friendship of this strange visitor.

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Publisher: École des Loisirs (L')
Collection : Archimède
Format : Album
Weight : 450g
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