Le Vivendier Des Sorcieres

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The Witches' Vivendiary is not a list of cooking recipes. Of course, concocting delicious dishes by learning to cook with the moon or the elements is an integral part of this book. But this book goes even further. It instills a certain way of life in a happy marriage between magic and science. The occult cuisine developed in this book is a direct descendant of the Anglo-Saxon kitchen witchery, a field that is still not very present and rarely translated on the French market.
In this book, the author delivers a conscientious work of research around the medicinal properties of plants, spices, essential oils, but also around their correspondences in magic and their uses. Because infusing a little magic into our daily lives is, in the end, a very simple thing, Xenia Vetsera shares with us her experience as well as her advice, full of common sense and kindness, on how to make our own cosmetics, cleaning products and preserves, using with respect what nature offers us throughout the seasons.

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