Histoire Des Sioux - Des Siecles De Liberte A La Reserve, 1650-1890

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On the trail of the Sioux


"Hyde's Sioux trilogy represents a landmark in North American Indian history. His work was revolutionary and innovative, both in method and in detail, to the point that his books have served as models for subsequent historians." Raymond J. DeMallie The advent of this trilogy on the Sioux, written from 1937 to 1961, remains a unique step in the use of written sources from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries, supplemented by direct testimony by those who lived through the last decades of the end of a world.
From the first migrations as early as 1650 to the 1890s, the book meticulously reconstructs the history of the Teton-Lakota Sioux: fratricidal inter-tribal wars, confrontations with the American army, conflicts with frontier traders and reserve officers. As for the chiefs, Hyde demonstrates that the dynamics of this history was largely a result of their success or failure to understand the futility of resisting the Americans.
In this sense, he establishes the differences between the Sitting Bull-Crazy Horse duo and the Red Cloud-Spotted Tail duo, the latter having had the patience, the diplomacy to make the inevitable transition from centuries of freedom to confinement in the reserves. George E. Hyde (1882-1968) is the author of numerous works on the Plains Indians, including The First Peoples of the Plains, translated in this collection.

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