Fabuleuse histoire magie et sorcellerie

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Exhibition - Magique


Since antiquity with the figures of Circe and Hecate, magic is present everywhere. Magicians, witches, illusionists, mentalists and spiritualists have enchanted each era with their spells and tricks that have made the most rational among us shudder and turned all tables. Alternately object of fascination or opprobrium, they have shaped our imaginations by revealing very real societal issues and legendary beliefs: the quest to re-enchant the world, the desire to return to nature, but also feminist and progressive claims.
Through characters as fascinating as they are mysterious, this beautifully illustrated book tells the wonderful story of practice and enchantment, discovering the greatest magicians, witches and illusionists, from Michée Chaudron to Alan Cardec, via Nostradamus, Houdin and the great figures of modern magic. The power of crystals and plants, the influence of the stars, numerology, the development of clairvoyance, the birth of illusion magic and prestidigitation, all the secrets of magic finally revealed!

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Publisher: Larousse
Format : Beautiful Book
Presentation : Hardback
Weight : 1065g
23,9 cm × 28,8 cm × 2,7 cm
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