Magic Rabbit

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Sold by Musée des Confluences Collection


In Magic Rabbit, in each game, 1 to 4 players cooperate to put back, in order, the previously placed hidden Rabbit tiles, in line, covered by the visible Hat tiles and Doves. This takes 2.5 minutes. They must cooperate without communicating with each other. On his turn, a player has to do one of three possible actions:
look at a rabbit
exchange two hats
exchange two piles (hat + rabbit)
Then, optionally, he can move a dove. After successfully completing the basic level described in the rules, players open the first envelope with an envelope containing 4 new game modes and additional material. The "game modes" are unique constraints that players will add to their game permanently. They will have to pass these new challenges in order to open the following envelopes. The box contains 3 envelopes with 3 levels of difficulty guaranteeing great replayability and a renewed game experience with each game.

Strong points:
A cooperative game without communication
Coffee Break range, a unique box design
3 envelopes containing 11 additional game modes for a longer life

Product information

Technical specification

In Magic Rabbit, players will cooperate in a limited time to gather rabbits and hats in a specific order.
Cooperate, without communicating...... in 2min30!